Irish Central: Irish Network gathers in the heart of Texas

Irish Central: Irish Network gathers in the heart of Texas

From September 11th-14th we gathered in Austin, Texas for our Annual National Conference.  Sheila Langan of Irish Central was there to capture the action.

INUSA – 19 chapters strong across the US after only four years – is a shining example of what can be achieved when the larger Irish diaspora bands together.

The network is dedicated to fostering professional, economic, cultural and social connections between Ireland and the US, and has grown dramatically since its founding four years ago in the midst of Ireland’s economic crisis. In the last year alone, its membership has nearly doubled in size to 3,500 and counting.

INUSA has tapped into the established Irish professional networks in New YorkBoston and Chicago, but the organization is also at the forefront in cities and states where the larger Irish communities are still in the process of connecting and growing – such as the Bay Area, with its many Irish entrepreneurs and start-ups; New Orleans, with its rich Irish cultural history just waiting to be further explored; and Austin, with its booming tech and innovation scene that’s drawing Irish transplants.”    Read more here in Irish Central. 

IN-Austin and IN-Houston Together with the Irish-American Community Across Texas Raise Funds for Life Saving Treatment for a Child.

Gavin Glynn is a 4-year-old boy from Greystones, Co.Wicklow, Ireland who needs urgent life saving cancer treatment in Houston, Texas. He was diagnosed with cancer at just 17 months and has battled the illness for almost three years. Little Gavin suffers from Rhabdomyosarcoma, which is a rare cancerous tumour of the pelvic muscles. Tragically, after undergoing numerous treatments and surgery in Dublin’s Our Lady’s Hospital, Gavin’s tumour continues to spread and he has now been given just months to live. Gavin’s last hope is to travel to Texas for the pioneering surgery at MD Anderson Cancer Center. The ground-breaking procedure called HIPEC, which is only available in Texas, is a procedure that involves open surgery to remove any tumors in Gavin’s pelvis. Medics will then insert chemotherapy drugs, heated to 42 degrees, into Gavin’s abdominal region to kill any microscopic cancer cells present. His family are trying desperately to raise the $450,000 that the treatment will cost.John said that “luckily Gavin likes airplanes and can’t wait to take off in a jumbo jet. We need your help to get there, we need your help to save my boy”.

For any further questions or assistance please call 214 535 9465.

For more information or to donate, click here.