Buffalo was a well known destination for a lot of Irish economic immigrants. They came after the Great Famine to work in the steel mills and large factories that were prevalent in the area. Today Buffalo boast a popular Irish feis and most recently is the place where the latest chapter addition to the Irish Network USA. This revitalized network spearheaded by Steve Lenox, Deirdre Woodbyrne and John Murphy is taking the US by storm.

Buffalo is the second most populous city in New York state, Buffalo is an architectural gem. Over 12% of its population claims Irish heritage.

“Buffalo has been a destination for Irish immigrants since the founding of this nation, and we have continued to build the Irish community throughout the region,” said Donall O’Carroll, Irish Network Buffalo President. “With such a proud Irish tradition in Western New York, we are hoping the launch will bring out our existing friends and introduce us to new faces as well.”

Irish Network Buffalo joins Irish Network USA to bolster business opportunities and economic development between the United States and Ireland, to support and encourage Irish Arts and Culture through film, literature, theater, dance, and language; to encourage and promote Irish sports through the States; to support the efforts of local Irish organizations and associations; and to serve as a conduit between newly arrived Irish immigrants and their communities in member cities and states.

“The excitement we have seen in Buffalo is contagious and we are excited to officially get Irish Network Buffalo off the ground,” said Steve Lenox, Co-President of Irish Network USA. “Irish Network USA was founded to help Irish, friends of Ireland, and Irish American professionals across the United States connect with peers and to develop relationships to foster success in business, economic, and social ventures. We are excited to now have Buffalo a part of this ever expanding network.”

Irish Network USA is the national umbrella organizations integrating the Irish networks that exist in various cities across the United States. Irish Network Buffalo is the 18th chapter to be launched, with a 19th expected this October in Houston. Currently, Irish Network chapters can be found in Seattle, Bay Area (California), San Diego, Nevada, Phoenix, Colorado, Austin, New Orleans, Chicago, Minnesota, Cleveland, Washington DC, Delaware, Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York City, Delaware and Boston.

Irish Network USA is launching its 18th chapter on June 4, 2014, with an event for Irish Network Buffalo onboard the U.S.S. Little Rock at One Naval Park Cove.

The launch will begin at 5:30 and tickets will cost $50.

Posted by Stephen Smith (@StephenJPSmith) of Irish Central.