By: Steve Lenox, Co-President

In cities across America Irish Network USA and its chapters are connecting Irish, Irish Americans and ‘friends’ of Ireland. These connections happen in a variety of forums- film screenings, networking happy hours, fundraising galas, etc. The common thread through all of these though is our commitment to making sure our members are meeting face to face.

Emails, tweets and the occasional phone call are all modern conveniences that keep us connected when the miles separate us, and we of course take advantage of our robust social media and web presence, but it is clear that there is no substitute for making direct connections.

Our friend Pat Carroll, a Digital Marketer in Limerick, Ireland, and a driving force behind the continued success of IIBN in New York City, Dublin and London, captured perfectly the importance of and strategies to connect both offline and online.

We are proud to share his 10 Habits for Highly Effective Networking.

We know you’ll like what you read! Find out more by following him on LinkedIn and on Twitter at @PatCarrollTouch.