Irish Innovation Driving Global Diagnostics Revolution.

Irish Network USA is proud to have the support of a great company like Randox and look forward to working with them as a platform for their continued growth in the United States. Randox has some great positions available in the US which might be of interest to our members. Click here to find out more.…

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Irish Network USA Proud to Support 2014 New York – New Belfast Conference

Irish Network USA is proud to once again play a key role in the now annual New York-New Belfast Conference which will take place this year on May 29-30 at Fordham University in New York City. A special 30% discount off the regular registration rate is available to all members of Irish Network USA, click…

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The North is Alive and Well

By Sean Moynihan, President of Irish Network Boston on a recent visit by Belfast Mayor Mairtin O’Muilleoir. If the level of energy of Belfast’s Lord Mayor is any indication, the north of Ireland is on the right track and doing extremely well. Not that it surprises anyone who has taken notice. Hosting companies like AllState,…

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Face to Face Networking- No Substitute for the Real Thing!

By: Steve Lenox, Co-President In cities across America Irish Network USA and its chapters are connecting Irish, Irish Americans and ‘friends’ of Ireland. These connections happen in a variety of forums- film screenings, networking happy hours, fundraising galas, etc. The common thread through all of these though is our commitment to making sure our members…

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Irish Network USA Encourages Members to ‘Engage’ with Irish Government

Irish Network USA Encourages Members to ‘Engage’ with Irish Government By: Steve Lenox, Co-President At the core of Irish Network USA’s mission are efforts to connect Irish and Irish American communities across the United States with each other- and also back home to Ireland. These efforts come in many forms: business networking, celebration of Irish…

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