What is Irish Network USA?

Irish Network USA (IN-USA) is a national network of Irish, Irish-Americans, and friends of Ireland with a shared goal of furthering ties between the United States and Ireland.

What is the mission of IN-USA?

The mission of IN-USA is: to bolster business opportunities and economic development between the United States and Ireland; to support and encourage Irish Arts and Culture through film, literature, theater, dance and language; to encourage and promote the mission and expansion of Irish sports, throughout the United States; to support the efforts of local Irish organizations and associations; to serve as a conduit between newly arrived Irish immigrants and their communities in Member cities and states.

What are the benefits of being part of IN-USA?

Using the already established network, you will have access to the benefits of membership of a national organization with networks across the country. Your chapter will be provided with a website and linked to our national website. You will have access to our member-only database, and to the calendar of events for each chapter. You will receive our newsletter and have the option to be included in it.

What is the first step in forming a local chapter of Irish Network in my city or state?

The first step is to verify with Irish Network USA that a local chapter hasn’t already been established in your city/state. If there is one, IN-USA will give you the contact information for that chapter. If none exists, this document will assist you in establishing the chapter and growing the existing global network.

Do I need to submit a letter of intent to establish an official IN chapter and be recognized by IN-USA?

Yes. You must submit a letter of intent including an explanation of why establishing a chapter in your city/state would be beneficial to your region. Your request will be reviewed by the Executive Director and forwarded to the Board of Directors for approval.

Once approved to proceed, how do I launch a local chapter in my city or state?

Once you have contacted IN-USA, the organization will work with you on identifying potential board members who will form the foundation of your local network. IN-USA highly recommends identifying an attorney within your organization who will advise the board members on filing the appropriate forms to apply for non-profit status. You must comply with the bylaws of IN-USA and fulfill the criteria listed in Section 4.01 on Eligibility. See attached.

What forms should be filed to establish our chapter?

The first step is to acquire an Employer Identification Number (EIN), also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number. You may apply for one through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website at www.irs.gov. The next step would be to incorporate as a non-profit entity in your state. Again, states vary and this is where we emphasize the need to work with an attorney. Often we recommend contacting the Secretary of State of YOUR state. Usually located on the state’s website will be the link to file.

Once paperwork is completed, do I need to set up a bank account?

Yes. It is a requirement to open a bank account with one person designated as your Board President/Chair and a treasurer. Setting up a bank account will allow you to begin conducting transactions for membership fees, sponsorship, and fundraising.

I noticed IN-USA and other chapters have websites, and are visible on social media, how do we launch a website and social media pages?

IN-USA will provide you with a link on our IN-USA website and access to our national member database. You can further build the site from there. You should designate one person to serve as webmaster and social media coordinator.

How many Board Members should a chapter have?

Each chapter varies. We recommend 8-10 depending upon how large your membership is. How is our chapter represented at the national level? Each chapter is entitled to designate one person to the Board, and a chapter with more than 50 members may designate a total of two persons to the Board.

What if the Board Members change following an election?

IN-USA works with all Board Members of local chapters to ensure a smooth transition and to emphasize continuity with all of the chapters. The mission of the IN-USA National Board is to serve as a support mechanism to ensure continuity during and after elections or a change in leadership.

Do I need to be recognized officially by IN-USA to exist as a local IN Chapter?

Yes. IN-USA must recognize your chapter as officially belonging to the IN Network. Only officially recognized chapters will have the use of the “Irish Network” trademark that is part of the licensing agreement.

How do I know which Consulate is responsible for the region of my city or state?

The websites of the Embassy of Ireland in the US and the Consulates are listed below. You can find your region here by clicking on their websites and viewing the list of states each office covers.

Embassy of Ireland – www.embassyofireland.org

Atlanta – www.consulateofirelandatlanta.com

Boston – http://www.consulategeneralofirelandboston.org/

Chicago – www.irishconsulate.org

New York – www.consulateofirelandnewyork.org

San Francisco – www.consulateofirelandsanfrancisco.org

If I still have questions, whom shall I call?

IN-USA will always provide you with any help you need with your network. Please call Sorcha Kelly, Executive Director of IN-USA at 347 440-4052 or email at sorcha@irishnetwork-usa.org with any questions that you may have.