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Twin Cities rolls out the green carpet for Ambassador Anne Anderson!

​ by Mary McFarland Minnesota can count on one hand the number of Irish diplomatic dignitaries who have visited here in recent history. ~Irish Ambassador Dermot Gallagher dropped by when Taoiseach Albert Reynolds visited in summer of 1994. ~Ambassador Sean OhUiginn was a guest in 1998 and attended an event at the Town & County…

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Celebrating the Fourth

As we prepare to celebrate America’s birthday, what better time to remind our members of our upcoming national conference, in one of the birthplaces of America. For our third year we’ll join together to continue building on the links that Irish Network USA has built among Irish, Irish Americans and ‘friends of Ireland’ across the…

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IN-Phoenix Hosts Trivia Fundraiser for the J1 Student Tragedy Fund

On Saturday, June 27th, the Irish Community of the greater Phoenix area and Irish Network Phoenix joined forced help in the ongoing efforts to raise funds for the J1 Student Tragedy Fund, a great cause near and dear to the hearts of so many.   Between the trivia game hosted by leader of the Phoenix Gaels,…

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“Charlie Flanagan: Why the Rising commemorations will be a global event”

‘Ireland in 1916 was. as it is now, a global island, a nation that both reflected and was engaged in the bigger international issues of the day’ The lead-up to the centenary of the 1916 Rising presents many opportunities to reflect on the diverse and complex history of this island. And thinking about the many…

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Laura D Kelley, author of The Irish in New Orleans Highlighted in The Irish Times

The Irish in New Orleans: ‘Goil, we Irish’s everywhere in dis cidy’ For 25 years my life has been filled with uncovering and teaching the history of the Irish in New Orleans, a story rich in adventure, drama, sacrifice and triumphs. It is, in short, a testimony to a significant people Laura D Kelley, author…

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