IN-Seattle and The Seattle Chamber of Commerce Team Up to Host Women’s Leadership Breakfast with Ambassador Anne Anderson

Coinciding with H.E Anne Anderson, Ireland’s first female Ambassador to the U.S, visit to Seattle, the Chamber had a special WIBLI breakfast event. Presented by the Irish Network, the event drew in 146 women (and a few brave men!) 

Anderson’s anecdotes, advice and words of encouragement to women in business captivated Tuesday’s crowd. In regards to keeping women leaders in the workplace throughout their careers, Anderson said, “The pipeline is great, but somewhere along the way, we spring a leak and start losing women.” 

Speaking to the challenges that women face while maintaining a work-life balance, Anderson also shared personal stories of her own life. Thinking back to her own daughter, she recounted “On the tough days, make a decision and stick to it. Don’t beat yourself up about it afterwards.” She finished with words of encouragement to all mothers in the business community, “Remember that someday your daughter will thank you. Sooner than you think.”

Anderson concluded her talk by encouraging women to remember, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. You owe something to your society, your country, and your time.” 

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