On Saturday, June 27th, the Irish Community of the greater Phoenix area and Irish Network Phoenix joined forced help in the ongoing efforts to raise funds for the J1 Student Tragedy Fund, a great cause near and dear to the hearts of so many.   Between the trivia game hosted by leader of the Phoenix Gaels, Janson Ryan and the raffle tickets sold to all those in attendance, $816 was raised , 100% of which has been donated to the J1 Tragedy Fund to helps the families of those affected by the tragedy in California.   Additionally, local businesses donated over $700 worth of  prizes and no one left without something in their hands. A HUGE thank you to Mully’s Touch of Ireland, Tim Finnegans, Fibber Magees, The Irish Wolfhound, Reading Ireland, Cookies in Bloom, and Mary Kallemeyn for their donations.  The event was filmed for a CBS News segment, but we were later informed that it was bumped because of the storm coverage that night. Regardless, it’s just nice to know that they found the Irish community coming together to support each other in their time of need newsworthy.

For more information on Irish Network Phoenix, visit their website by clicking here.

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